Outsourced financial administration

We can help your company to improve the financial management and support your financial managers´ decision making. We use the Microsoft Dynamics NAV- system that is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution. It is cost-effective and a great choice for your business. The world’s biggest software provider can offer superior resources for development and continuity.

Financial management services

Our service center releases your financial managers´ working time for steering the company’s business operations. We are reporting permanently and we offer you high customer service in the field of financial management. In order to help you, we have professional help desk processes and the versatile customer service ticketing system.

Cloud services

Cloud services are a practical financial management system environment from the perspective of financial management system users due to accessibility, functionality and reliability. Microsoft Dynamics NAV system is a core part of the cloud services. Ordering cloud services does not require the purchase of financial services. Together with our partners we take care of your system development, maintenance and updates. Our IT unit constantly develops software based on our customers´ and own users´ experience. You can also purchase a NAV plug-in that has been built for a project management.

Payroll and wage payment services

Payroll and wage payments are one of the most critical business processes, because employees’ salaries must be on time. Payroll is rarely profitable and efficient to organize itself. More and more Finnish companies have outsourced their payroll administration or a part of it. Outsourcing is almost without exceptions the cheapest option, since the size of the company does not allow them to benefit from the efficiencies that can be achieved with the volume advantages.

We at Clarus take care of about 100 companies´ payroll administration professionally and flexibly. The deputy arrangements of our payroll team serve your needs and our employees are continuously trained concerning changes in the legislation and payroll.